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Servicing Areas. 

Rolleston. West Melton. Weedons. 

Selwyn Central Community Care




Assistance is just a call away...

Assisting people to stay in their homes, where they feel comfortable, for as long as possible.

We are a voluntary organisation that supports residents with health issues by providing support for the unwell person and their caregivers.


Volunteers are available to give caregivers some time out or to drive people to medical appointments etc.

Covers Rolleston, Weedons, West Melton and surrounding areas.

Please note all our drivers have been through the police vetting process. 

Selwyn Central Community Care

What we do...


Driving people to appointments to hospital covering Christchurch Hospital, Burwood Hospital, doctors appointments and shopping.


This service is offered to clients who are unable to use public transport and require assistance.


We visit individuals at their home who live alone to have a chat and check up on their wellbeing and brighten up their day with a friendly face and smile.

We also have volunteer gardeners who can do basic gardening for those who are finding it difficult to manage their gardens.


We schedule group coffee mornings and day trips to counter isolation for elderly and health affected individuals.

We can organise transport to day club's in Hornby or Rolleston. 


We provide meals on wheels three days a week in the Rolleston area.

Recently we have been taking a stroke survivor for regular walks so she could get her breathing under control. She has now graduated from a walker to a stick!


Our van drives can be half day morning or afternoon tea and maybe a stop somewhere along the way. We take the long way home. Our day excursions can be Akaroa, Kaikoura, Timaru etc. There is so much to explore around our district. We welcome suggestions.

Be part of our community.

You can contact us and see if we can assist you in any way. We are ready to try something new so if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for you.

We are please to announce that we are also receiving referrals from doctor surgeries, Burwood Hospital, Dementia Canterbury, Nurse Maude etc

Selwyn Central Community Care Travel Van

How you can help us

Many of our clients are on the pension and are unable to drive anymore , to take public  transport is not possible for them as they require assistance. Many have walkers or are unable to walk long distances. That is where our volunteer drivers come in, our clients are picked up from their home and taken to their appointments, sometimes wait with them as it can be quiet daunting for them. Then take them home again, many times stopping at the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. There are also times they require some groceries so that is taken care of as well.

To be able to afford this type of service is impossible for those on a pension. The costs are prohibitive. Just a taxi to Christchurch hospital is around $90 each way.

Our drivers provide their time and own vehicles on a voluntary basis. We do try re-imburse their fuel costs.

We also have a co-ordinator who organises all the rides, gardening and home visits. We pay her a nominal fee. In the past this has also been a voluntary but the demand has increased incredibly and we will see this increase more as Rolleston and the surrounding area grows.

Our referrals come from doctors surgeries and other agencies. We also advertise on Facebook and have flyers distributed throughout the community. We have updates in local newspapers and magazines.

Our aim is to assist people to stay in their own homes, where they feel comfortable, for as long as possible.

There is also a massive demand on the public system so if we can help these people stay in their own homes as long as possible it is good for all.

Should you wish to consider a donation for helping us run our service, please contact us to find out how you can donate your time or funds towards Selwyn Central Community Care.

If you would like to support our organisation by providing some of your time and becoming a driver or gardener please don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to have more support and grow our helping community.

Proudly Supported By

Faringdon Rolleston
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